11 timer siden
How Tory-voters and BBC's audience correlate economist.com/britain/2022/0…
11 timer siden
Absolutely fascinating piece of digital storytelling by @ABCaustralia about the causes and impact of the Tongan volcano. Not least the part on how seafloor data reveals the true extent of the enormous underwater volcano abc.net.au/news/2022-01-2… via @ABCaustralia
1 dag siden
Netflix shares have dropped about 24% just this morning, and the company has surrendered about $128 billion in market cap over the last 2 months.
2 dage siden
By now, Axios and 6AM City have launched 42 local newsletters in the US. Both believe that their model can be successfully rolled out to +100 cities. Super encouraging to see how they put the false notion of the inevitability of local news deserts to shame pressgazette.co.uk/new-model-for-…


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