23 timer siden
The Reuter’s Institute @risj_oxford is looking for a researcher into tech, policy, information and journalism. Great post doc job: lnkd.in/gUxpbJX
2 dage siden
The next time you enjoy strawberries, remember how hard it is to collect them
2 dage siden
“Strong brands realize that traffic driven to their own site is self-sustaining, more profitable, and actually brand enhancing, while traffic and incremental revenue from Amazon.com is less profitable but also less brand enhancing” cnb.cx/2qkxGzF
5 dage siden
Elle effraie @Google, #Amazon et @Facebook, exaspère @realDonaldTrump et bouscule #Merkel et @EmmanuelMacron... Margrethe @Vestager, la personnalité de l’année. Entretien dans #LePointbit.ly/LePointTw @mvignaud @Eberretta
3 dage siden
let's note that China is threatening Sweden over its concern for *a Swedish citizen* - in part because Beijing doesn't see Gui as really Swedish, and believes that it has a natural right to control anyone of Chinese heritage. twitter.com/SariArhoHavren…


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