JP/Politikens Hus launches data platform for the digital ad market

After close dialogue with advertisers and media agencies, JP / Politiken's House launches a new data platform that delivers relevant target groups based on 1st party data and context data to media agencies and advertisers across the Danish national news media sites Ekstra Bladet, Jyllands-Posten and Politiken. The platform, which has been built by Ekstra Bladet, has been named Relevance. It enables media agencies and advertisers to also reach their target audiences on mobile devices, despite 3rd party data-blocking in Safari and other browsers.

“At the moment, one of the biggest challenges for the ad market is Apple’s war on tracking. More than half of the Danish online traffic takes place in the Safari browser, where the use of 3rd party cookies and other techniques, which is the foundation for targeting and measuring advertising, is blocked. Other browsers are following suit, and this presents the ad market with major challenges, which we, alongside select partners, including GroupM and OMG, have set out to solve”, says Director of Digital Sales & Ad Tech at JP/Politikens Hus, Signe Skarequist.

“When technologies that control our access to the web set new rules for how publishers, media agencies and advertisers interact, it is imperative that we seek solutions together, as it makes us all stronger. Early on, JP/Politikens Hus spotted that, reached out and invited us to explore the possibilities of this new data reality, where audiences, based on 3rd party data and tracking, are next to impossible to reach, says Claes Braagaard, Chief Investment Officer, Nordic, Omnicom Media Group.

At GroupM, we have a long history of using data to create value and competitive advantage for our customers. We work with some of the country's largest advertisers, for whom reaching their audiences across devices, including the many Danes using an iPhone, is of paramount importance. Our task is to ensure that their campaigns reach their target audience with precision and with proper data quality. In recent years, we have seen that both consumers and legislators want a more balanced use of data. Hacks or short fixes made to exploit the gaps will still occur, but we basically do not believe in profiling and tracking users, who do not want it, says Paw Saxgren, COO, GroupM Nordic.

The future belongs to 1st party data

Relevance is available to all media agencies and advertisers that want to use 1st party data for their campaigns on the Group’s media - through direct and programmatic purchasing channels. Tests show a 70 % increase in the size of audiences, and the ability to reach Safari users has more than quadrupled. So now, media buyers and advertisers can reach the entire Danish population. Using Relevance does not cost extra, it is an offer to ensure even better effect and quality in advertising.

By launching Relevance, we make a large amount of quality data available on our platforms to ad buyers. Our focus is 100 % on 1st party data, which quality and compliance we can guarantee. Because we have such a close relationship with our users, we know what they are interested in, and thus it is possible for us to offer more than 600 standardized audiences across Ekstra Bladet, Politiken and Jyllands-Posten, while ensuring that their personal data is not shared all across the web, says Kasper Worm-Petersen, Head of Strategy at Ekstra Bladet.

What matters to us is that we ensure that the media campaigns we buy on behalf of our customers reach their audiences with the highest possible precision and quality - no matter what device the user is on. That is why it is incredibly gratifying that JP/Politikens Hus has succeeded in developing a solution that can successfully ensure that we target campaigns on iPhones as well - in a way that also respects user privacy, says Claes Braagaard.

At GroupM, we remain focused on being data-driven, but we are even more concerned with how we can help our customers activate their business data, enhance creativity through data and ensure clear consent from and relevance to the user. Publishers, such as JP/Politikens Hus, are in a unique position, which is why it has only been natural for us to be part of the work that JP/Politikens Hus has initiated, so that we can ensure that our advertisers’ campaigns reach the right audiences, says Paw Saxgren.