JP/Politikens Hus A/S is owned by Jyllands-Posten Holding A/S (50%) and A/S Politiken Holding (50%). These, in turn, are held by foundations, and this constitutes a particular strength for the Group’s newspapers and other activities. Editorial independence is guaranteed through financial autonomy, something that is essential for corporate operations.

The Jyllands-Posten Foundation

The main task of the Foundation according to its deeds is to support the publication of Jyllands-Posten “as a liberal daily newspaper independent of commercial, organizational and party political interests”.

With due consideration to this, the Foundation is also to support the implementation of social, cultural or other socio-economic tasks that serve the purpose of upholding a liberal-democratic social order in Denmark. This type of support is mainly to be given in areas that the government cannot sufficiently support.

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The Politiken Foundation

The primary purpose of the Foundation according to its deeds is to safeguard and support the continued existence of Politiken and Ekstra Bladet and their affiliated companies and operations, and the development of these on sound business and financial basis. Furthermore, the Foundation must ensure that Politiken and Ekstra Bladet are managed as independent, radical-social liberal newspapers and mouthpieces of Danish broad-mindedness in keeping with Politiken’s traditions.

Another objective of the Foundation is to provide contributions to cultural or press activities and related undertakings, according to decisions by the Foundation board. Contributions to educational activities are only granted on rare occasions.

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