A/S Bladkompagniet
Islevdalvej 205
DK-2610 Rødovre
T/ +45 7020 7225
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A/S Bladkompagniet (50 PCT.)

Bladkompagniet was founded on November 8, 1920. Before the foundation of the company, the individual newspapers had their own paperboys and accordingly individual distribution solutions. Each day the distributors picked up the newspapers from the printers and had to take care of the onward transport from there. In several districts, the paperboys organised private collaborations so that several paperboys did not take the same route. It was this idea that, with the establishment of Bladkompagniet, was systematised for the benefit of owners and customers.

Bladkompagniet is currently Denmark’s largest national newspaper distribution company and every day distributes newspapers, weeklies and magazines to 8,000 newsstands, bakers, petrol stations, supermarkets, grocers’ and some 250,000 households. In a year this amounts to 100 million subscription newspapers and 100 million copies of newspapers and magazines sold to non-subscribers.

The idea of Bladkompagniet is to co-distribute and process returned newspapers, weeklies and magazines so that publishers achieve rational and economic distribution. Furthermore, the company operates related activities. The company’s main competences are planning, management, monitoring and communication in a distribution structure consisting of own operations and suppliers.

Number of employees
The company has 100 employees in administration and production. Distribution takes place through a network consisting of about 20 subscription distributors and 500 haulage contractors who call on nearly 8,000 shops on a daily basis.

Bladkompagniet A/S is owned by JP/Politikens Hus (50%) and Berlingske Media (50%).