Holmbladsgade 111
2300 København S
T/ +45 3823 7000

Smart Response (formerly Forbrugerliv) (50 PCT.)

Forbrugerliv was founded in 1999 as was Denmark’s first online consumer club. Forbrugerliv develops and manages member benefit programmes enabling private consumers to obtain attractive shopping terms, including rebates on their personal online purchases.

Forbrugerliv has entered into cooperation agreements with numerous partners wishing to sell their products with a discount to members of Forbrugerliv’s member database. The objective of the cooperation agreements is to increase turnover and achieve more loyal customers.

Market position
Since its foundation, Forbrugerliv’s mission has been to establish a new way for companies and consumers to socialise – through so-called dialogue marketing which allows for more personal communication that creates results.
The company’s technical platform is unique, and in recent years Forbrugerliv has experienced positive growth particularly in the other Nordic countries.

Target group
Everybody can become a member of Forbrugerliv’s consumer club. Members have access to more than 1,200 Danish and foreign shops and e-shops and typically obtain rebates of between 5% and 25%.

Since 2006, JP/Politikens Hus has owned 50% of Forbrugerliv. The remaining 50% is owned by the company’s founders, Henrik Jung Laursen and Klavs Pedersen.



Managing Director
Director, Sales & Marketing
b. 1972 / HD in Finance and Organisation & Management

Former occupation:
1999: stifter og medejer
1998-00: konsulent i modulerne Financial/Controlling, Treasury, SAP Danmark A/S
1997-98: analytiker, Fyns Invest
1991-95: rådgiver, Amtssparekassen


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